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The Queen Pepiada

Absolute queen of the realm, avocado and mayo are the main culprits of making the chicken in this salad the royal filing for an arepa. Coriander is there for added zest and freshness, you’ll appreciate it.

Sifrina (Posh)

The Queen Pepiada + Grated Cheese: Take your queen for a cheesy spin. Posh girls will love the comfort food feel and low cal add up of this variety.

Atún (Tuna)

We promoted canned tuna to the highest rank in the court with a zesty dressing co-starred by lime and parsley. Refreshing as the mist caressing on your face on the Angel Falls.


La Catira (The Blonde)

Made in tasty sofrito, the blonde arepa combines a great combo of caribbean spices, shredded chicken and cheese for melted indulgence.


For our veggie lovers out there, what else can be said of melting white cheese on top of perfectly seasoned black beans?

Pabellón (Pavilion)

Royalty meets. The national dish of Venezuela inside our soft and warm corn arepa. The sweet and savory mix of black beans and fried plantains will have you feeling like your feet just touched the warm waters of Los Roques.

La Pelúa (The Hairy)

Tomatoes, peppers and spices make the shredded beef in this arepa just a tad sweet to contrast with softly melting cheese.

Rumbera (Partygoer)

Flavour spells will be thrown at you in every bite of this arepa. Tender pork meets the soft and savory mix of healthy avocado fats and delicious cheese. You’ve been warned of its addictiveness, beware if you’re trying to keep your waistline in check.

Sides or Appetizers

Fried Yuca (Cassava)

This top contender of the french fry kingdom can be paired with tartar sauce or sugarloaf sauce


Papelón con Limón

Sugarloaf water with lime